2023-2024 Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Angelica She ‘26 & Richard Zhou ‘26
Vice President: Kristin Jung ‘26
Secretary: Brandon Lee ’26
Treasurer: Daniel Tu ‘27
Social Chairs: Ian Kim ‘26 & Ruoming Shen ‘27
Outreach Chair:
Stephanie Ma ‘27
Policy & Service Advocate: Vinayak Menon ‘27
Cultural Chair: Sarina Huang ‘27
Alumni Engagement Chair: Chloe Lau ‘27
Publicity Chairs: Henry Li ‘27 & Rachel Chen ‘25 
AASA Historian: Catherine Xie ‘26

E-Board Profiles

Angelica She ’26, Co-President

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Hey AASA! I’m Angelica, a sophomore majoring in Civil & Environmental Engineering/premed from a suburb of Chicago. As your Co-President this next year, I’m excited to work with our new E-Board to create an event-packed and culturally engaged AASA community, with increased budgets and stronger connections to Asians/Asian Americans on and off campus so that everyone feels welcome + represented. Outside of AASA, I play viola in PUO, plan events for Princeton Premedical Society, and attempt to enjoy life by conducting a never-ending search for good bread. If you ever want to talk about anything (un)related to AASA, I’m always open to hear it—free to email me at!

Richard Zhou ‘26, Co-President

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hey AASA! I’m Richard, a sophomore majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a CS minor from Jersey. My goal as Co-President is to strengthen the AASA community through smaller, and more frequent events and to build a culture focused on unity among APIDA students on campus. You can usually find me in Dillon playing basketball outside of classes, and I’m also a developer for Hack4Impact. Feel free to message me @Richard Zhou_!

Kristin Jung ‘26, Vice President


Hi! I’m Kristin, a sophomore from Arizona studying Sociology with Cog Sci certificate and Asian American Studies minor, and I’ll be serving as AASA’s VP for this year. Continuing on with my time on AASA E-board, I hope to really expand AASA’s inclusivity and work on more collaborations with other campus groups to help people make new friends and relationships outside of their usual bubble. Outside of AASA, I work in marketing at Campus Rec and Center for Career Development along with other organizations, and I love thrifting, gymming, and scrolling on Pinterest in my free time. Super excited to meet you all during our events this year!

Brandon Lee ’26, Secretary

Computer Science

Hi everyone! My name is Brandon, I am a sophomore from Massachusetts majoring in COS/premed with a minor in classics, and I am excited to serve as secretary for this year! I look forward to working to make AASA more inclusive by expanding its audience and advertising our events and opportunities to as many people as possible. Outside of AASA, I’m on the fencing team and the Princeton Premedical Society, I am a lab TA for COS126, and I love watching Formula 1 and soccer (COYS 🤍)! Feel free to reach out to me about anything, whether it’s about AASA, classes, the practical applications of bogosort, or Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Daniel Tu ‘27, Treasurer

Molecular Biology

Hi everyone! I’m Daniel Tu, a Molecular Biology major from the Philly area. I am super excited to be serving as your aasa treasurer this year, and I’m looking forward to working closely with the rest of the board and all of you to make sure our events are all planned well and run smoothly. As treasurer, I’ll do my best to secure as much funding for aasa events and food (read: boba) as I can! When I’m not spending my free time dutifully carrying out my aasa treasurer responsibilities🫡, you can find me grabbing late meal with some friends or unwinding in my dorm with some music. Lately, I’ve rediscovered my love for the piano and started teaching myself guitar. Fun fact: my favorite movie in the whole-wide world is the Curious George movie (the first one [yes, there are three!]) 

Ian Kim ’26, Social Chair

Molecular Biology

Hi everyone!! I’m Ian, a sophomore pre-med intending to major in MOL from Austin, Texas. I’m super excited to serve as one of your social chairs, and I hope to celebrate Asian-American culture with both the APIDA community and non-Asian-Americans alike, fostering collaboration and awareness. All are welcome here at AASA! I also play french horn in the Princeton University Orchestra and serve on the NCW Council. Can’t wait to see y’all, and email me at anytime!

Ruoming Shen ‘27, Social Chair

Computer Science

Hey AASA! My name is Ruoming, and I’m a freshman from Virginia majoring in COS. I’m so grateful and excited to serve as one of your social chairs this year. I hope to foster a stronger, more inclusive AASA community representative of all APIDA cultures at Princeton through greater mentorship opportunities, more diverse speakers, and club collaborations. Some other organizations I’m involved with on campus include the Princeton Student Events Committee, Center for Career Development, and E-Club. Feel free to reach out at!

Stephanie Ma ‘27 , Outreach Chair

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Hi AASA! I’m Steph, a freshman from McLean, VA and I’ll be your Outreach Chair for the year! I’m super excited to work with the E-Board to bring in cool speakers + help host fun events! Outside of AASA, I love to craft (painting, nail design, ceramics, crochet, + more!!) and read (always looking for book recs). If you ever want to talk about anything feel free to email me at :)

Sarina Huang ‘27, Cultural Chair


Hi AASA! My name is Sarina, and I’m a freshman from Maryland. I’m planning on majoring in Economics. I’m excited to be your Cultural Chair, and I hope to bring you lots of fun cultural events and promote APIDA arts. Outside of AASA, I’m also involved in Taekwondo, Envision, and the Princeton Student Climate Initiative on campus. In my free time, I’m a big reader of speculative fiction. Feel free to reach out at or @sarina_h_h! I’m excited to meet you all.

Vinayak Menon ‘27, Policy and Service Advocate


Hey AASA! I’m Vinayak Menon and I’m a freshman majoring in Economics from Suwanee, Georgia. I’m super excited to serve as your Policy and Service Chair this year! I’m passionate about advocacy around issues affecting AAPI communities and hope to organize speaker events and political outreach efforts to deepen our civic engagement. Beyond AASA, I’m an active member of the Princeton Debate Panel, Prospect Student Ventures, and the Civic Leadership Council. I can’t wait to meet all of you this year and you can reach me at!

Chloe Lau ‘27, Alumni Engagement Chair


Hi AASA! This is Chloe, a freshman from Hong Kong and a prospective Sociology major. My favorite part of Princeton is the community and ✨yes, networking✨ both within and beyond the orange bubble, and I am so excited to host many events for students to meet and engage with our lovely alumni!! Once a Tiger, forever a Tiger, and my role as Alumni Engagement Chair is serving as the communicative bridge between AASA and A4P, the Asian American Alumni Association of Princeton. Outside of AASA, I am a Features and Prospect writer for The Daily Princetonian, a harpist with PUO and Sinfonia, a Peer Career Advisor with the Center for Career Development, and most importantly, a proud member of the crochet club 🫶🏻 Feel free to reach out anytime (esp for crochet patterns, I will be more than happy to share!!) via !!

Henry Li ‘27, Publicity Chair

Computer Science

hi everyone! my name is henry, and I’m a freshman studying computer science BSE. I’m super excited to be a co pub chair this year, and i’ll be working with rachel on poster designs and instagram posts. In my free time, i like to cook and bake with friends, draw, play sports, and hangout w people. I’m also currently involved in HackPrinceton and Science Olympiad! Feel free to reach out at @li_henryy

Rachel Chen ‘25, Publicity Chair

Computer Science

Hi everyone! I’m Rachel, a junior in the Computer Science department from South Jersey. I’m super excited to be one of AASA’s publicity chairs and would love to help people meet others and build fun memories together! Outside of AASA, I’m currently a co-chair of Yeh College Council and communications chair for COS Council, as well as a part of the Daily Princetonian’s business team. Beyond that, I enjoy just doing whatever sounds fun, whether it be impromptu karaoke sessions, playing games, watching variety shows and dramas, or just hanging out with friends. I’m also always happy to meet new people, so if you ever see me around, feel free to say hi or just reach out to me @unoriginalie_me! 🫶🏻

Catherine Xie ‘26, AASA Historian


Hi AASA! I’m Catherine, a sophomore majoring in English from Connecticut. As your Historian, I’ll be working to expand AASA so that we may become an academic resource, and I’ll also be documenting our legacy into archives. Around campus, you can find me singing a cappella with the Tigressions and performing slam poetry with Ellipses. Reach out at @xie852!