2017-2018 Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Sally Lee ’19, Alis Yoo ’19
Vice President: Ruting Li ’19
Treasurer: Wendy Zhao ’19
Secretary: Norman Xiong ’20
Social Chairs: Chelsie Alexandre ’20, Sharon Xiang ’20
Policy Advocate: Rachel Yee ’19
Cultural Advocates: Toni Xu ’20
Design/Visibility Advocate: Ivy Xue ’20
Webmaster & Publicity: James Chen ’19

Executive Board Profiles

Co-President: Sally Lee

Hey! I’m Sally, a sophomore in Mathey. Although I was born in South Korea, I moved to California when I was young and have lived there since! I’m a potential MOL major and on the premed track. I’m really excited to see how great we can make AASA this year!

Co-President: Alis Yoo

Hi, I’m Alis. I’m a sophomore history major from northeast New Jersey. On campus I’m the Vice President of the International Relations Council and I do Pre-Law things. When I have spare time, I like trying new foods or reading. I hope that this year, AASA can make a strong political statement and become a home for many students.

Vice-President: Ruting Li

I was born in Columbus, Ohio but I live in Shanghai, China. I’ve also previously lived in Cupertino, California and attended boarding school in Boston, Massachusetts. I’m currently a sophomore and I live in Forbes College. I’m a potential Woodrow Wilson major. On campus I’m also involved in Club Squash, Club Volleyball, and work at the chapel.

Treasurer: Wendy Zhao

Hi everyone! I am a sophomore from New York City and a part of Wilson College. As of right now, I still do not know what I want to major in but I am interested in something along the lines of public health/policy or behavioral economics. Apart from AASA, I am in USG and a volunteer at the University League Nursery School. I also work for an EEB lab here on campus.

Secretary: Norman Xiong

Hey AASA! I’m Norman, and I’m a freshman from Severna Park, Maryland (unless you’re reading this during the 2017-2018 school year, in which case I’m actually a sophomore). I live in Rockefeller College and I plan on concentrating in Economics. I joined AASA at the beginning of my freshman year because there weren’t a lot of Asian-American community-oriented experiences available to me in high school, so it was great being able to have that at Princeton. Outside of class and AASA, I’m also involved with The Prince and Business Today, Princeton Corporate Finance Club, Princeton Empower, and the TASA E-Board. I love tennis and country music! Feel free to hit me up with any questions or just to chat.

Social Chair: Chelsie Alexandre

Hi everyone! I’m Chelsie, a freshman from New York City and a member of Butler College. As of now, I’m a prospective Woody Woo major, but that might change. Outside of AASA, I dance with Princeton’s BodyHype Dance Company, hang out with my friends, and listen to music. I am really excited to be a part of AASA, and I can’t wait to see where AASA will takes me through these next few years. Please feel free to reach out to me!

Social Chair: Sharon Xiang

Hey everyone! I’m a freshman from Iowa City, IA and currently residing in Whitman College. Outside of AASA, I write for The Prince and am involved with various volunteering organizations within the Pace Center. In my free time, I like to just hang with my friends or watch K-dramas.

Policy Advocate: Rachel Yee

Rachel Yee ’19 is a prospective Sociology major from Eastampton, New Jersey. She was the former 2018 Class Vice President before taking a Gap Year after her freshman year. She is involved in the Club Lacrosse, Club Fencing, Princeton Faith and Action, and the Dining and Housing Committees.

Cultural Advocate: Toni Xu

Hey! My name is Toni, and I’m a freshman from San Francisco, CA. I live in Forbes College (always #worththewalk), and am considering Philosophy or English as my major with certificates in American Studies and Creative Writing. I joined AASA to pursue my interest in Asian American issues, and to be part of a space dedicated to celebrating AAPI identities. Being co-Cultural Advocate gives me the opportunity to do both by specifically working within the arts, which I’ve always loved!

Aside from AASA, I’m the Assistant Artistic Director of the Princeton HighSteppers, and am a translator for the Princeton University Language Project.

Design/Visibility Advocate: Ivy Xue

Hi! I’m Ivy and I’m a freshman from New Jersey. I live in Forbes College, and I am thinking about Architecture as a possible major. I love everything that is Studio Ghibli and you can usually catch me in the Forbes dining hall working late into the night. Aside from AASA, I also play violin in the Princeton University Sinfonia!

Webmaster & Publicity: James Chen

Hi! My name is James and I’m a sophomore from northern New Jersey who currently lives in Forbes College. I am a COS major, and in addition to AASA, I am a member of the Princeton Pianists Ensemble and the USG Social Committee. In my free time I like to play basketball, watch tv/movies, or listen to good music.