Princeton AASA Fundraiser for NAACP LDF


We, Princeton University’s Asian American Student Association, refuse to stand by and simply watch the continued existence of racial injustices. We stand in solidarity with our black compatriots and are starting this fundraiser for the NAACP LDF as an initial step to confront anti-black sentiments within our community. While the recent times have been tough on many of us financially, we encourage everyone to donate as much as you can. Racial injustice is a problem that will not go away if we are divided in our intents and efforts. We want to emphasize that this is only the FIRST step. Throwing money at a problem alone will not make it go away. We must also use this time to reflect on the prejudices which exist within our community and to confront them.
The NAACP Legal Defense is a reputed national organization which works on fighting for racial justice within America. Here are a few steps so that we can begin to fight anti-blackness within our communities:

1) DONATE here
2) EDUCATE yourself about power, privilege and racism within America
3) DISCUSS power, privilege and racism with your friends and family
4) SUPPORT the people in marginalized communities in whatever ways they need the most
5) VOTE for representatives who are going to push for meaningful change



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