The Elections Initiative:

The Elections Initiative works to increase political activism in and demand justice for Asian Americans, who have the lowest voter turnout of any racial demographic. We are working to change this by reaching out to Asian Americans at Princeton and in our community, informing them, and assisting them in voter registration and voting. We are also seeking to support local Asian American politicians. Asian Americans only hold 12 seats in Congress — that’s 2%, even though Asian Americans are 6% of the U.S. population.

The Identity and Intersectionality Initiative:

The Identities & Intersectionalities initiative aims to address how people perceive Asian America, and add complexity to that image. We seek to define Asian America as a diverse group that extends beyond East Asian, overcomes harmful stereotypes, and supports other ethnic groups in times of need.

For the fall semester, we are focusing on Asian American feminism and dating/domestic violence. Our campaign, Asian Girls Everywhere, seeks to saturate the campus with the unique challenges of being an Asian American woman as to raise recognition for how mere words or actions can create very real harm.

The Media Initiative:

The Media Initiative focuses on exploring issues regarding the role of the Asian American community in the media, including themes such as underrepresentation/misrepresentation in the media, Asian American perspectives on current events, and the path to careers in the media for Asian Americans. We hope to emphasize and celebrate the existing contributions of Asian Americans to the media and share this with the rest of the AASA, as well as the wider Princeton Community.

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